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Monollithic Area : 0.3534m²
Size : 1860*190*15MM
Wood Grade : A
Envieonment Grade : F★★★★
Product Button Type : 5G
Surface Coatin : Germany



Delores boutique three layer structure

1.  UV curable waterborne oil Paint  modified natural plant essential oil

2.  3.5mm rare wood seed surface

3.  9mm Nordic spruce core

4.  2mm Nordic spruce balance layer

Latch design

The new 5g lock lock brings 900kg of tension.

After splicing, the seam is tight, so it is not easy to open the seam in the use of the floor, and it can restrain the dry shrinkage and wet expansion of the floor to a certain extent, and prolong the service life of the floor.

Wallinger 5g patent lock.It precisely cuts out large transverse mortise and groove, which is far more than the ordinary button type teeth fit, and is firmly locked. It is not easy to deform in extrusion and stretching.It is durable and quiet in depth.


IXPE Product advantages of high elastic aluminum film mute pad

1. IXPE is environment-friendly and non-toxic. The base material structure is changed by electric ion radiation to form a network independent closed cell structure, withoutadditives,temperature rise and chemical residues.

2. Moisture proof and antibacterial: independent closed cell structure, tightly and effectively prevent the penetration of water molecules, so that the water absorption is less than 0.01g/cm3.At the same time, due to the irradiation modification of electron beam, there is no living environment for bacteria under the floor.

3. Mute and earthquake resistance: independent closed cell structure,with good sound damping, resilience and impact resistance, permanent compression rate of less than 5%, comfortable foot feeling, mute effect is 20 times that of ordinary floor, making the home living space more quiet.

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