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About Delores

German fine work quality life

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Delores, founded in Saxony, Germany in 1896, is committed to the production of high-quality flooring products.

It adheres to the core values of innovation, Seiko quality and fashion design. It has a unique style and color.It is the oldest high-end flooring brand in Europe.

Delores brand has a long and bright history, adheres to the high-end positioning, uses ingenious material selection and elegant design to create the masterpiece that people dream of, and wins the top laurel of European supreme household products.

Made in Germany
The blue angel

Why Choose Delores

Anti-ultraviolet adiation
Baby Room
Moistureproof and waterproof
Surface skid resistance
High Elasticity and Abrasion Resistance
Healthy and natural

Have a Date with German Brand

Ge fscsgs Blue Angel global top certification, trustworthy quality strength.

Home is the center of human settlements, and the ultimate pursuit of products by Chengde precision workers,and the selection of ll grade a skin.

Japanese deer F 4 star glue German Klumpp(Kunlun) finish European a Oak German blue flag Seiko gathers the world's top materials and technologies.

Cross-boundary floor in luxury and simple style

The floor is not only on the ground, but also a good decorative material. You can decorate the floor with anything you can think of. The cross-border use of the floor will give your room to bring unprecedented creative space.

Decorative wall

Condole top

Factory introduction

German Delores wood industry company was established in 1896. Iresearch and development, production, marketing, and service in one of the modern wallboard and laminate flooring enterprises.

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